Going Shopping This Week For A New Phone Or Bike Or TV Or Whatever? Then You Just Can’t Miss This!

Going Shopping This Week?

With a plethora of online shopping portals wooing you with discounts and freebies, practically everyday, it is human to turn a blind eye to the possibility of being able to buy the same branded product elsewhere, at a ridiculously low, low price.

If you’re not on LuckyStars, you’re really missing out on what could arguably be, the best way to buy.

LuckyStars is a free to download mobile app, through which you Bid & Buy top of the line mobile phones, bikes, TVs and more. Launched over a year and a half ago, it has with little or no promotion, garnered over a million downloads. Its claim to fame is the insanely low price you pay. To date, users have bid and bought products valued at over Rs.52 lakhs, through the Lowest Unique Bid feature.

Here’s why you can’t afford not to be on LuckyStars:

The Samsung Galaxy S9 (64GB) was bid and won at Rs.31.61; the iPad 9.7 inch was won at Rs.23.00; the Honda Activa 5G winning bid was Rs.40.36; the Google Pixel 2 was won at Rs.26.11; the Sony Bravia 40 Full HD LED was bid and won at Rs.11.21.

Isn’t that ridiculous?

At any point of time, there are at least 3 products you can bid and buy, at throwaway prices.  And while you’re on the app, there are Quizzes you can play and win cash Prize Pools, besides some other cool features.

So, before you go shopping elsewhere, be smart and drop by the LuckyStars app. You never know what’s in store for you.

To Download this App
For Google Play Store: https://goo.gl/QV3d6b
For iOS App Store: https://goo.gl/xvkUw7

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