How To Acquire High Value Products By Paying Little Or Nothing For Them

Bidding App In India

We all aspire for the good things in life and rightly so. Who doesn’t want an iPhone X or an iPad Pro or that fancy motorbike? But then, we look at our bank balance and quickly change our minds saying: “It’s not for me” or “I cannot afford it now” and so on and so forth.

What if you didn’t have to have a big bank balance?

What if you could buy that iPhone X or that motorbike, for a few hundred rupees?

Unbelievable but true!

There’s a new way to buy big, branded products at ridiculously low prices. Not through a sale or any online shopping site, but through the LuckyStars app.

LuckyStars is fun, entertainment and contest based mobile app, with over 1 million downloads. Launched over a year ago, it’s a free to download app for both, the Android and iOS platforms.

Recently, LuckyStars added a new feature called Bids, through which you can buy products at low, low prices. Currently, it’s the Lowest Unique Bid feature that is operational. This means that when a bid is closed, the bid that is both lowest and unique wins. The winning bidder then makes payment through the payment gateway and the product won is couriered.

Since launch a little over a month ago, a basket of branded products have been won through the Lowest Unique Bid feature. These include the iPhone 8 Plus: Sold at Rs. 35.05; Apple Watch Series 3: Sold at Rs.96.44; Sanyo 49 inch Full HD TV: Sold at Rs. 62.97; Royal Enfield Classic 350cc: Sold at Rs. 111.87; Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Sold at Rs. 176.03; and Sony PS4: Sold at Rs. 108.92, to name just a few.

Besides the Bids feature, LuckyStars also has regular lucky draws through which you can Win Gifts Daily! So, if you’re not on the app yet, download it at the PlayStore or AppStore and start bidding and playing the draws. It’s the best way to acquire products that you really want.

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