How To Win Free Gifts Through Lucky Draws, Without Having To Spend a Single Rupee


At some point in our life, we’ve all been exposed to the concept of a lucky draw, where a few chits are picked from a box, to select the lucky winners. The suspense and the hope of turning lucky, sets our hearts beating faster. And this gets heightened if there is money at stake.

Now cut to a scenario where you can enter a lucky draw and stand a chance to win big gifts, without having to spend a single rupee. Yes, it’s for real and the excitement and thrill is even greater on account of the really big, valuable gifts you can win for free!

The Gateway to Big Gifts

Lucky Stars is your gateway to winning gifts for free through lucky draws held practically everyday. A free to download Contest-based mobile app for both, the Android and iOS platforms, Lucky Stars has caught the fancy of people across the country.

Since inception, a little over 6 months ago, gifts worth over Rs.26 lakhs have been given away for free. The gifts include a Vespa scooter, Bajaj Vikrant motorbike, I-Phone 6S and 7Plus, I-Pad Pro, Samsung and Panasonic LED TVs, Sony Digital camera & Handycam, Smart watches, Firefox bicycle, Philips music system and many more!

Over 2,60,000 Downloads!

Lucky Stars has crossed 260K app downloads and touching 45K daily active users. While the app registrations have grown exponentially, the number of lucky draws and winners have increased dramatically too. At the time of writing this piece, there were nearly 4000 winners from 252 lucky draws.Once you download the app and register, you are then eligible to enter all the draws and stand a chance to win.

New Excitement Coming Along

Innovation has been the hallmark of Lucky Stars. While there are the standard Lucky draws, new twists were introduced in the form of the Jaldi Lucky Draw series, to infuse excitement and gratify a larger number of winners per draw. This was well received and attracts thousands of participants.

There are new modules slated to be launched soon. These are designed to add to the thrill, while rewarding those who are active and loyal. Don’t miss the bus. If you’re not on Lucky Stars yet, it’s high time you got on.

Go to your store to download the app for free or log on to Unleash the lucky streak in you, to win gifts for free!

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