How to Win Free Gifts With The Lucky Stars App?

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 Lucky Stars is a free to download mobile App for Android and iOS, through which you can ‘Win Free Gifts through Lucky Draws’ held periodically. This is applicable only to those residing in India. This exciting new app has been conceived and developed for a seamless and easy to navigate user experience, thus enabling everyone and anyone to take part in the lucky draws and browse through the other features of the app.

The Lucky Stars App can be downloaded either from the App Store or Play store as applicable or at and installed on a smart phone. On downloading the app, one has to complete a simple registration in order to be identified as a unique user, after which you’re ready to go

Types of Lucky Draws:

To start with, there are basically 4 types of lucky draws, classified on the basis of the value of the gifts and the frequency with which they are held:

  • The Classic Lucky Draw, held 2-3 times a week
  • The Mega Lucky Draw – a weekly draw
  • The Bumper Lucky Draw – held once a month
  • The Super Duper Lucky Draw – a monthly draw.

While the Classic and Mega Lucky Draws have a draw closing date, the Bumper and Super Duper Lucky Draws are not time bound but rather are based on an undisclosed pre-decided number of participants, which when reached, signals the close of the draws, as indicated by the Progress Bar on the specific draw user interface.

Participation in Lucky Draws

Only registered app users, i.e. those who have completed the registration process, are permitted to enter or participate in a lucky draw. Participation in a lucky draw is Free – No entry fee and No purchase of a product or service is required.

Prior to a lucky draw being opened, an in-app notification is sent out, informing users of a draw coming up. Thereafter, when the draw is thrown open, an announcement message goes out again.

Participation in a lucky draw is very simple:

  • Open the Lucky Stars app
  • View the lucky draw and gift on offer
  • Click ‘Go Lucky’ to enter the draw
  • Answer a simple question based on the gift.

Information and specifications on the gift can be browsed by clicking the Know more Button on the mobile screen. Only a correct answer will entitle the participant to enter the draw. To encourage maximum participation, every participant gets up to 3 questions to get it right and a chance to enter the draw. When a lucky draw is coming to a close, a notification is sent to those app users who haven’t yet entered the draw. Finally, after a draw is closed, the lucky winner or winners are declared through a random selection by the computer. Those who have won are suitably notified through the app and through an email. Winners then need to claim their gift within 72 hours, by providing their mailing address to Lucky Stars. The gift will either be hand delivered at the winner’s home by a Lucky Star host or couriered or given away at the Lucky Stars van stationed at a convenient public place.

To conclude, Winning Gifts through the Lucky Stars App is not just easy but free too!

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