I Believe In Santa Claus. Do You?


As children, we all believed that Santa was for real and looked forward to the Christmas Season for his arrival with the gift that we most wanted. But as we grew older and wiser, we were a tad disappointed to know that Santa was just an imaginary character, who symbolized good cheer and happiness. But, we don’t stop patronizing the thought of Santa because somehow he represents our dreams and desires, for the things closest to our heart. He is indeed the harbinger of good tidings, but more importantly, Gifts!

Lucky Stars is perhaps the modern avatar of Santa Claus. A free to download mobile app, all you need to do to Win Gifts for Free, is to play the lucky draws held from time to time and voila, you may just find Santa at your doorstep, delivering the gift you’ve won!

Over 1800 Winners So Far

Lucky Stars, a Contest-based mobile app, has been very generous in giving away gifts for free. Since launch over 4 months ago, over 1800+ winners have walked away with exciting gifts for free. The secret to winning is very simple: Keep playing and don’t miss out on a single lucky draw. The more you play, the better are your chances of winning.

Big Gifts For Free

What’s really great is that you can stand a chance to win big, valuable gifts. Some of the gifts given away for free include a Vespa scooter, I-Pad, I-Phones, Smart watches, Digital Cameras, LED Smart TVs and a host of other branded products.

Growing Popularity

In a short span of a few months, Lucky Stars has managed to achieve over 100,000 downloads, with over 15,000 Daily Active Users. The ease and simplicity of the app, coupled with the Big Gifts on offer, are the reasons why Lucky Stars is growing in leaps and bounds.

Exciting Future

There are big plans to make the app even more exciting and happening. Users will be rewarded handsomely for every interaction with the app, while the new modules in the pipeline will surely get the pulse racing.

So, whether you still believe in Santa or not, you have better reasons to believe in Lucky Stars. Because winning a free gift is always more commendable than just receiving one.

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