If You Can Dream It, You Can Win It!


We all dream of the good life and hope it will ring true. We dream of things we want and wish they would fall into our lap. Life is full of dreams, hopes and wishes and that’s perfectly alright.

There’s a dream catcher called Lucky Stars that has already made dreams come true, for over 600 dreamers from across India. Lucky Stars is a contest-based mobile app that gives you a chance to win gifts for free, without having to purchase any product or service. The app is free to download at the Google Playstore and Apple store and having done that, you can then participate in lucky draws held practically everyday.

Dream Gifts on Offer

Lucky Stars offers big gifts as part of the lucky draws. Since launch over 3 months ago, the dream gifts given away include a Vespa Limited Edition scooter, an I-Pad, I-Phones, Smart LED TV, Smart watches, Digital camera, Philips Music system, Amazon Gift cards, BookMyShow vouchers and many, many more.  What’s more, Lucky Stars is planning to offer Jackpot Gifts of really high value in the near future, so users can look forward to winning really big!

How  to Win Dream Gifts

Basically there are 4 standard lucky draws, depending on the value of gift and duration of the draw (Classic, Mega, Bumper and Super Duper).All you have to do to enter a draw, is answer one or more simple questions and if lucky, you could win the gift on offer.

New Draws, New Excitement

Lucky Stars recently introduced some exciting new variations that are bound, either by the number of participants or the time. Further, based on suggestions received from users, the number of winners for each draw was dramatically increased.

The JALDI 500 and JALDI 1000 lucky draws, open to only the first 500 and 1000 participants respectively,  were roaring successes; while the HIGH 5 lucky draw, which was kept open for just 5 hours, attracted over 1877 participants. Going forward we plan to introduce draws with newer variations and twists, to make it exciting and interesting.

New Dreams for the Future

Lucky Stars has just about started. As we go along, there will be bigger and better features that will reward you for every small action you take on the app. The excitement will only grow larger and larger.

So, keep dreaming and participating in all the lucky draws on the Lucky Stars app, because you never know when luck strikes big!

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