If You Haven’t Drawn Up a Wish List For 2017, We Suggest You Do So Immediately

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Making New Year Resolutions is a dying practice, but Wish Lists are here to stay. That’s because we all wish for something or the other, at the turn of the New Year and hope to get it. But resolutions, although made with good intentions, are hardly ever lived up to.

A Wish List is most often about wanting the good things in life. And that’s perfectly okay. So, if you haven’t got one for 2017, draw it up immediately and we’ll let you in on a secret about how you could possibly fulfill one or more of your wish things, for Free!

The Secret Is Lucky Stars

There’s a unique and innovative Mobile App called Lucky Stars, which you can download for free, either at the Play store or App store. Once you install and register your details, you can then participate in lucky draws that are held practically everyday and win gifts for free! There’s absolutely no catch – no purchase required of any sort and no participation fee.

What Do You Wish To Win For Free?

Launched a little over 4 months ago, Lucky Stars has really caught the fancy of everyone: the young and the old; those living in the big metros, as well as those residing in small cities and towns. By the first week of January 2017, Lucky Star crossed 170,000 downloads, with over 30,000 daily active users. With nearly 188 draws held so far, over 2500 winners have walked away with valuable gifts worth nearly Rs.20 lakhs.

Some of the gifts won for free include a Vespa scooter, Bajaj V15 bike, MacBook Air, I-Pad, I-Phones – 128 GB, 6S Plus and 7 Plus, Digital Cameras, Philips Home Theatre, Firefox Bicycle, Samsung and Panasonic Smart LED TVs, Smart Watches, Flipkart & Amazon Gift Vouchers, and many more!

The gifts in 2017 will get bigger and better, so if you’re not on Lucky Stars yet, get on now and give yourself a chance to win free gifts and fulfill your wish list for 2017.

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