Is Bidding The New Colour Of A Sale?


Imagine being on a battleground, pinning the person in front of you and being ahead of the crowd. And then, suddenly you are stabbed in the back and lay flat staring into the sky. Getting back on your feet, you see yourself being lost and a distant crowd of people ahead of you. The only way to get back, is to start again and fight to regain your position.

Seems like a scene of an action film doesn’t it? But it’s what bidding online feels like. It is nothing less than a battleground, where the fight is to win the bid by constantly battling to remain at the top or to get to the top.

A sudden shift in the Indian digital sphere, is the introduction of the famous bidding culture. Waiting for a sale season to buy products at ‘discounted’ prices is  passé. Buying, or rather winning a product from the battlefield called ‘Online Bidding’ is what the new real thrill is all about, Moreover, these products are won and bought at peanuts of the printed price.

‘Bidding’ as such isn’t something new. Auctions or ‘Nilami’ in the Indian context, have been around for years! The only shift here is from the real to the digital world. Keeping the same essence, LuckyStars ventured into Bidding, a couple of weeks ago. The response we have received from our users has been overwhelming.

A new term coined in the bidding environment is called ‘serial bidder’. These are people who are pros at bidding and bid across various platforms. These bidders have gone grey, if not white, with all the bidding knowledge and  experience in the field.

To feel the thrill of the battlefield from the comfort of your surrounding, you can participate in various ongoing bids on the LuckyStars app. Maybe you’ll be the next winner or even the next ‘serial bidder’. The bids offered currently on the app are Lowest Unique Bids, i.e., your bid must be both lowest and unique. Soon, you will witness another type of bidding – Highest Unique Bids, which is the opposite of Lowest Unique Bids. The highlight of the bidding on LuckyStars is that the products offered for bidding are aspirational in nature and most sought after.

With the number of new entrants into the bidding arena it is clear that it’s popularity has been a hit with the masses. Is bidding trying to compete with the famous ‘Sales’ in the country? Will our nation’s shopping experience soon change? Will the description of the battleground be a common sight to see? Well, only Time Shall tell!

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