It’s Like A Sale. But Only Better!

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Who doesn’t love the word ‘sale’? The entire year revolves around the concept of the sale period. The pleasure and satisfaction of buying a product at a price lower than it’s ‘original’ price is loved by one and all. The saving, be it small or big, is welcomed with happy hands and happier pockets.

Now imagine a Sale where you decide the price you’re willing to buy it at. Simply wonderful, isn’t it?

That’s exactly what LuckyStars, a free to download app for Android and iOS, has launched recently. We’re talking about ‘Bids’, an exciting feature that is bound to catch the fancy of its users. But what’s fascinating about it is that, should you win the bid, you can be assured that it will come to you at a heavily discounted price. Cool, isn’t it? Moreover, the kind of products that will be offered for bidding will be from among those that are not easily available around and from reputed brands.

So, How Does It Work?

When a Bid opens for bidding, registered users of LuckyStars are eligible to take part by surrendering a specified number of Stars to unlock the Bid. Once unlocked, you can start bidding, depending on the kind of Bid being offered. The person whose bid is in the lead will be displayed. The bidding process continues until such time there are no more bids being placed and the countdown of ‘Going Once’, ‘Going Twice’ and ‘Sold’, is displayed on the screen. The Bidder who wins the bid must then claim the product within 24 hours, by making payment.

Types of Bids

LuckyStars offers 3 types of Bids:

Hyper Bid: The highest bid wins, I.e., there is no bid higher

Highest Unique Bid: The bid that is the highest and also unique, wins. i.e., no one has placed a bid that is both higher and unique

Lowest Unique Bid: The bid that is the lowest and also unique, wins. i.e., no one has placed a bid that is both lower and unique

For better understanding about ‘Bid’ feature, take a glance at this ‘How To Tutorial’ video.


Initial reports have been very encouraging as far as the number of bidders taking part in a Bid is concerned. Over time, this feature is bound to attract even higher levels of participation and LuckyStars is sparing no effort in planning for unique branded products to be placed for bidding.

So, the next time you plan to buy something in a Sale, remember there’s something better and more exciting in the form of Bids, on LuckyStars.

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