Lucky Stars Creates Hundreds of Happy Winners Across India


Since launch 3 months ago, the Lucky Stars Win Gifts For Free mobile app has caught the fancy of Indians from across the country. The reasons for this are many, but primary among them is the fact that there are Big Gifts on offer, practically every day and everything is absolutely free! It is free to download; participation in lucky draws is free and the free gifts won are delivered to the doorstep of winners free of cost. Now that’s what “free” means and users are going gaga about this unique and innovative mobile app. The beauty of the Lucky Stars app is that it is simple to download and easy to use while participating in the lucky draws. You don’t have to be a techno geek to operate the app.


While there are 4 standard lucky draws, depending on the value of gift and duration of the draw (Classic, Mega, Bumper and Super Duper), Lucky Stars recently introduced some exciting new variations that are bound, either by the number of participants or the time. Further, based on suggestions received from users, the number of winners for each draw was dramatically increased. For instance, the JALDI 500 lucky draw was open to only the first 500 participants, with 150 winners; while the HIGH 5 lucky draw was open for just 5 hours, with 50 winners.


So far, Lucky Stars has over 485 happy winners, from across the length and breadth of the country. On an average that’s over 5 winners a day. The question often asked is: Who are these winners and how are they selected? The winners are from all walks of life and include male and female, primarily young and unmarried. Coming to the selection of winners: once a draw is officially closed, the software randomly draws the winners from among those that have participated in the particular draw.

The Free Gifts won so far include a Vespa Limited Edition scooter, an I-Pad, I-Phone, Samsung LED TV, FitBit watches, Titan watches, Philips Music system, Amazon Gift cards, BookMyShow vouchers and many, many more.  In the near future, Lucky Stars is planning to offer Jackpot Gifts of really high value, so users can look forward to some exciting times.

So, Go Lucky & keep playing the lucky draws to win big gifts for free!

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