No Cash No Cashless Just Free! And It’s All Happening On Lucky Stars


There is indeed a silver lining to the dark cloud. Because without having to pay a dime, you can Win Gifts For Free! That’s right. And it’s all happening on the Lucky Stars free to download mobile app.

Lucky Stars, available for download at the Play store and App store, is a Contest-based app through which you can Win Gifts For Free, by participating in lucky draws. Registered users can enter a draw by correctly answering a simple question. On closure of a draw, the software randomly selects the winner/s.

Big Branded Gifts

With over 80K downloads and 10K + active daily users, Lucky Stars is gaining popularity with every passing day. Since launch a couple of months ago, big branded gifts have been given away, including a Vespa scooter, I-Phone 6S & 7 Plus, I-Pad, Sony Camera, Samsung & Panasonic LED TVs, Smart watches and Amazon & Flipkart gift cards, to name just a few. Over a 1500+ lucky winners have walked away with Free gifts, worth nearly Rs.15 lakhs.

Lucky Draws With A Twist

While there are 4 standard draws – Classic, Mega, Bumper & Super Duper, to create greater excitement, Lucky Stars introduced the JALDI Lucky Draw series that have a pre-determined number of participants that can enter each draw. Thus there is the JALDI 500, 1000, 1500 & 2000 lucky draws, which were a big hit from day 1.

Nothing To Lose Everything To Gain

Since the Lucky Stars app is absolutely free in all respects, there’s nothing to lose, but everything to gain. The trick to increasing your chances of winning, is to play every draw that is announced.

Exciting Future On The Cards

Big plans are under way. A Loyalty program to reward users with lucky coins, for every small action they take, is being introduced soon. These lucky coins earned can then be redeemed for products, on a soon to be launched ecommerce platform. Finally, Lucky Stars will roll out its Gaming Module, with innovative games that can be played to win big gifts.

Lucky Stars is shining bright. If you are not on the app yet, it’s time you get on. Not to mention that it’s absolutely free and you won’t need to part with your scarce cash on hand or even be required to go cashless. And if for some reason you have stayed away after installing the app, it’s high time you get back into action. Because big things are coming your way and you don’t want to miss out.

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