Play for Fun, Play For Free! your Lucky Day is Round The Corner


When you have nothing to lose, you can let your guard down without agonizing about the outcome. No tension, no worrying, just pure fun mingled with the excitement of a possible win. That’s what Lucky Stars is all about.

What Is Lucky Stars All About?

A unique and innovative, Contest-based mobile app, Lucky Stars is free to download at the Playstore and Apple store. On registration, you are then entitled to participate in all the lucky draws for free!

Lucky Draws are held practically everyday and have big gifts that can be won for free. All you need to do is have fun playing the draws and hope luck shines on you, to be a winner. Participation in a draw entails answering one or more simple questions. It’s as simple as that.

131 Lucky Draws. 1067 Winners

Since launch, a little over 3 months ago, over 60,000 have downloaded the Lucky Stars app.  114 lucky draws have been held so far, with over 600 happy winners, from across India.

Recently, lucky draws with a twist were introduced, which received an overwhelming response in terms of participation. The exciting new draws were:

The JALDI 500 Lucky Draw for the first 500 participants only, closed in exactly 20 minutes.

 The HIGH 5 Lucky Draw, which was kept open for 5 hours, attracted over 1877 participants.

 The JALDI 1000 Lucky Draw for only 1000 participants closed in just 42 minutes.The enormous success of these draws has inspired us to design similar innovative draws that will soon be introduced.

Big Gifts Up For Grabs

Lucky Stars offers big gifts that can be won for free. The Free Gifts given away so far include a Vespa Limited Edition scooter, an I-Pad, High end I-Phones, Smart LED TVs, Smart watches, Digital camera, Philips Music system, Amazon Gift cards & BookMyShow vouchers, to name just a few.

Going forward, Lucky Stars is planning to offer Jackpot Gifts of really high value, so users can look forward to some exciting times.

The latest Google Pixel XL is currently on offer as part of the Super Duper lucky draw, so make sure you’re on Lucky Stars and enter the draw before it closes.

Well, it’s always nice to win, but have fun playing the draws, while you keep your fingers crossed. Because luck comes unannounced and you never know when!

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