The Month of March is Dedicated To Achieving Our year-end Business Target. It’s Called Happiness!


Of all the months in the calendar, March is perhaps the most hardworking month of the year. Every business worth its salt, pushes its employees to stretch to breaking points to achieve targets that will ultimately make the Balance Sheet look good.

It’s another matter that such achievements are most often unproductive, as they are forced upon the market, resulting in unnecessary overdue payments and possibly bad debts too.

At Lucky Stars though, we chase a different kind of target called happiness, every day of every month. While achieving such a target may seem easy on the face of it, in reality, it is a challenge.

Delivering Happiness

Lucky Stars is a free to download mobile app through which one can win big, valuable gifts for free by playing the lucky draws.

Over the last 7 months, we have successfully infused happiness into the lives of over 5740+ winners, with gifts worth over Rs.42 lakhs. What makes this happiness even sweeter is the fact that the gifts are by no means small in value. Lucky Stars has given away gifts like 2-wheelers, LED TVs, I-Pad, I-Phones, Digital Cameras, Handycam, Music Systems and many, many more products from leading brands.

The Key To Happiness

There are 2 defining features of the Lucky Stars app: the big, valuable gifts that can be won and the fact that everything is absolutely free for the user. This is well reflected in the geometric proportions of downloads every month, reaching the 5 lakh mark in 6 months and the active user participation in draws, which has crossed 50,000.The secret to winning is plain and simple: participate in all the draws to increase your chances of winning.

Innovative Draws

To build excitement, Lucky Stars introduced interesting draw constructs. One is the Jaldi Draw series with an upper limit of number of participants and the other is through playing a Game to maximize your score to win.

Driving Brand Engagement

Lucky Stars will soon roll out an ecommerce module entitled ‘Deals’ on the app, enabling users to purchase select branded products, at rock-bottom prices. This will be an added bonus beyond the lucky draws and will surely endear users to the app.

A Loyalty Rewards Program is also on the anvil. Users will be rewarded with Stars they can earn by performing small tasks on the app like playing a draw, viewing an advertisement, taking a survey, etc. The Stars earned can then be redeemed for Gift vouchers or products.

Looking back at the 7 months so far, we can say with confidence that we’ve more than achieved our target of delivering Happiness to all our users.

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