There’s a Whole New World of Excitement On Your Smart Phone. Are You Game To Play?


Today, life revolves around the smart phone. From surfing the net, to paying bills; from gaming, to banking; from calling a cab, to updating your status on social media; your whole world is driven by the smart phone.

Lucky Stars: A Whole New World of Excitement

Now there’s something new and exciting for you. Presenting Lucky Stars – a Contest-based mobile app, for both Android and iOS, that gives you a chance to Win Gifts for Free, through lucky draws held practically everyday. It’s absolutely free and does not require purchase of any product or service. Participation in a lucky draw requires you to answer one or more simple questions and only entries with the correct answer/s qualify. Once the said draw is closed, a software randomly selects the winner/s.

Win Big Gifts For Free!

Since launch over 3 months ago, Lucky Stars has given away gifts worth over Rs.15 lakhs to over 1000 lucky winners, through 125 lucky draws held.  The gifts include a Vespa scooter, Smart LED TVs, Digital cameras, Smart watches, Music systems, I-Phone 7 Plus, I-Pad, Amazon & Flipkart gift cards, to name just a few.

The lucky draws currently on, have a Sony  Playstation 4 and the Pixel XL Phone by Google as the big gifts to be won for free.

Different Types of Lucky Draws

Lucky Stars is gaining popularity really quickly and to date, over 70,000 have downloaded the app.  The reasons for this are the simplicity of the app and the big gifts on offer. Initially there were only 4 types of lucky draws, based on the value of the gifts and the time for which the draw was kept open: Classic, Mega, Bumper and Super Duper.

Recently, lucky draws with a twist were introduced, which received an overwhelming response in terms of participation. The exciting new draws are:

The JALDI 500 Lucky Draw for the first 500 participants only

The HIGH 5 Lucky Draw, which is kept open for 5 hours only.

The JALDI 1000 Lucky Draw for only 1000 participants

The JALDI 1500 Lucky Draw for only 1500 participants

The JALDI 2000 Lucky Draw for only 2000 participants

The enormous success of these draws has inspired us to design similar innovative draws that will soon be rolled out.

Coming Up Soon

Lucky Stars will soon introduce an incentive program for users, wherein every action taken by them, will be rewarded. This will make it even more exciting, as users will stand to gain much, much more, over and above the Big gifts that can be won through the lucky draws. So, get on to Lucky Stars and keep playing the draws, because the excitement will never end. If you’re not on Lucky Stars yet, get going and download the app at your store. Alternatively, log on to

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