They Say a “Free Lunch” Doesn’t Really Exist. Or Does It?


The term “Free Lunch” refers to something offered Free, without expectation of anything in return.  That means there’s no hidden agenda on the part of the giver. It’s a common belief though that this is too good to be true and that in reality, there’s always a catch, with the receiver having to pay back in some way or the other.

While the above may be true in general and apply to 99% of the cases, there’s one “Free Lunch” that’s truly, absolutely free, in all respects. And that is ‘Lucky Stars’!

Lucky Stars – The 100% Free Lunch

A free to download, Contest-based mobile app, Lucky Stars is about winning gifts for free, through lucky draws held regularly.  There is no participation fee to enter a draw and no purchase of any product or service required either. Everything is free!

Since launch over 5 months ago, Lucky Stars has caught the fancy of Indians and is increasing in popularity with each passing day. With over 200,000 downloads, nearly 40,000 daily active users, over 200 draws held so far and gifts worth over 20 lakhs given away, Lucky Stars is taking the whole idea of a Free Lunch to the next level.

Big Gifts Given Away

Lucky Stars stands true to being free, from start to finish. It is this free characteristic, coupled with the fact that big, valuable gifts from big, reputed brands are given away to winners. Since inception, some of the gifts won include a Vespa scooter, Samsung and Panasonic LED TVs, Sony Digital camera and Handycam, Bajaj V15 bike, Smart watches, Philips music systems and MacBook Air, to name a few. This is just the beginning and the value of gifts will only get bigger and better.

Innovative Lucky Draws

To infuse excitement among users, Lucky Stars has constantly innovated with unique lucky draws. The JALDI lucky draw series introduced over 2 months ago, which has a cap on the number of participants permitted to enter a draw, was a tremendous success.

Going forward, there will be new twists to the draws, making it even more thrilling. Further, there are new modules on the anvil: a Gaming module, an Ecommerce platform and a Loyalty Rewards program, which will mean more fun and more gifts to be won, thereby engaging users like never before.

So, for those of you who are looking for a real Free Lunch, may we recommend getting on to the Lucky Stars app right away.  You will realize rather quickly that this “Free” tastes really awesome!

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