What’s Better Than Buying Big Brands In a Big Sale?


We all love the good old Sale, don’t we? We look forward with eager anticipation and many of us would even stagger our purchases to coincide with an upcoming sale. And while we all like to believe that we’re getting a damn good deal, we’re never quite sure.

But, there’s something better than buying big brands, in a big sale. It’s getting them for Free! No, we’re not joking at all, because there is an easy way to get that big Samsung LED TV or that Sony Handycam or even that beautiful looking Vespa.

Big Brands On Lucky Stars

Lucky Stars is a free to download, Contest-based mobile app, through which you can Win Gifts For Free, by participating in free lucky draws. The app is available at the Play store and App store and on installing the same; you can enter the lucky draws that are held practically everyday. To participate in a draw, all you have to do is answer a simple question correctly and once the draw is closed, the computer software chooses the winner randomly. So, there you are, you can win big gifts for free. And because you have everything to gain, and nothing to lose with the Lucky Stars app, it’s fun too!

Big Branded Gifts

With over 180,000 downloads and 30,000 + active daily users, Lucky Stars is gaining popularity with every passing day. Since launch a couple of months ago, big branded gifts have been given away, including a Vespa scooter, I-Phone 6S & 7 Plus, I-Pad, Sony Camera, Samsung & Panasonic LED TVs, Smart watches, Firefox bicycles and Amazon & Flipkart gift cards, to name just a few. Over a 2900 lucky winners have walked away with Free gifts, worth nearly Rs.20 lakhs.

Coming Soon!

Lucky Stars has constantly innovated to keep excitement levels high for users. A case in point is the JALDI lucky draw series introduced over 2 months ago, which has a cap on the number of participants permitted to enter a draw. This was a roaring success and the many JALDI draws held, closed in record times.

The near future holds much promise for users. On the cards is a gaming module, an ecommerce platform and a Loyalty Rewards program, which will mean more fun, more gifts to be won and a new thrill that will engage users like never before.

So, for those who haven’t as yet downloaded the Lucky Stars app, it’s time to get on now. It’s absolutely free and you won’t have to wait for the big sales or spend your hard earned money buying those big brands.

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