With a Little Bit of Luck, The New Year Could Augur Well For You


It’s that time of the year, when we all hope that things will change for the better. The New Year has begun and time only will tell, how it will end. But given all the angst and frustration of the old year, one hopes for better times ahead. With a little bit of luck, things could well turn out good, if not great.

Taxes may or may not come down; inflation could tilt its ugly head towards us or take a back seat; interest rates on deposits and borrowings may or may not bottom out and the list is endless. But, you can be sure of the one thing that will definitely get bigger and better. And that’s the favourite mobile app of over a 100,000, from across India – Lucky Stars!

Yes, Lucky Stars – the Contest-based, free to download mobile app that has caught the fancy of the young and the old, from the big city to the small town. With the end of 2016, it is widely believed that there will be a leap of luck into 2017. And that’s good news for all Lucky Stars users, who can look forward to new and exciting things to happen on the app.

For starters, Lucky Stars will soon roll out its Gaming Module, giving you one more avenue to Win Gifts For Free, besides the current lucky draw route. Expect to be pampered as usual, with big, valuable gifts. Around the same time, an eCommerce platform is being planned, where you will get the best deals to buy niche, specialized products, not easily available around. And to wrap it all together, a Loyalty Rewards program is being launched, to reward users with Lucky Coins, for every small action they take. The coins earned could then be redeemed for goodies or exchanged for products on the eCommerce platform.

So, if you’re not on Lucky Stars yet, we suggest you begin the year on a positive note, by letting luck come your way. You can download the app for free, on either the Play store or App store and start your winning streak right away.

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