You Can Laugh All The Way To The Bank, With This New Brand of Mobile App


When was the last time you got something for free, without having to spend a single rupee? Chances are, Never! That’s because every offer of “Free”, invariably comes with a rider of a more than normal purchase to be made. You feel really happy that you got a good deal and go home smiling.

Lucky Stars: Win Free Gifts

Now just imagine getting something for free, for nothing! Yes, free for absolutely no purchase to be made. We’re referring to Lucky Stars, a free to download Contest-based mobile app, through which you can win gifts for free, by playing the lucky draws that are free too! All you need is a little bit of luck to win.

Lucky Stars was launched a little over 6 months ago, for both, the Android and iOS platforms. On downloading the app and registering, users can participate in all the lucky draws, held practically everyday. Participation in a draw entails answering a simple question correctly. Once a draw closes, a software chooses the winners randomly. Winners then have to claim their free gifts within 48 hours of intimation, by providing their postal address, so that the same can be couriered or delivered to them.

Getting Popular By The Day

Lucky Stars has witnessed a phenomenal growth, with downloads crossing 2.50 lakhs and daily active users touching the 40K mark. With nearly 238 draws held so far, over 3794 winners have walked away with free gifts worth over Rs.25 lakhs.

Big Gifts Given Away

The free gifts given away are by no means ordinary. Lucky Stars has been extra generous and offered big, valuable gifts like a Vespa scooter, Bajaj motorbike, Samsung & Panasonic LED TVs, Sony Digital Camera and Handycam, Smart watches, I-Pad Pro, I-Phone 6S and & 7 Plus, Philips music systems and many more!

As Lucky Stars gets bigger, it gets better too! With innovative draws and an increased number of winners for specific draws, the chances of winning big gifts have increased. And with the new modules coming up to increase brand engagement and excitement, users can, not just win for free, but literally laugh all the way to the bank!

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