You Have Everything to Gain and Nothing to Lose, on the Lucky Stars App


It is said that the best things in life are free! And we couldn’t agree more because the Lucky Stars app is absolutely free and you can win gifts for free, for nothing!

What is Lucky Stars all about?

The Lucky Stars app is available for both the Android and iOS platforms and can be downloaded at the Google Play and Apple store respectively. Once you install the app and complete the registration, you can then participate in lucky draws of various kinds, held practically everyday.

Participation a draw requires you to answer one or more simple questions through a Yes/No or multiple choice.  The correct answer/s makes you eligible for the lucky draw and you could win gifts for free. The winners are drawn randomly through the software, once the draw officially closes.

 Imagine Winning an I-Phone 7 Plus For Free!

 Lucky Stars offers valuable, branded gifts of every kind. Some of the gifts offered include a Vespa Limited Edition Scooter, Smart TVs, Smart Phones, Digital Cameras, Music Systems, Smart Watches, Amazon Gift Cards and many such products. Since launch a couple of months ago, nearly 500 users from across India, have won gifts for free, which are delivered to them at their doorstep, free of cost. Now isn’t that something great? Soon, the I-Phone 7 Plus, which is the gift in an on-going lucky draw, will be up for grabs, once the closure of the draw is announced. You could be that winner if you get on to the Lucky Stars app in time to catch this draw.

Lucky Stars is Getting Bigger & Better

While there are 4 standard lucky draws, depending on the value of gift and duration of the draw (Classic, Mega, Bumper and Super Duper), Lucky Stars recently introduced some exciting new variations that are bound, either by the number of participants or the time. Further, based on suggestions received from users, the number of winners for each draw was dramatically increased. For instance, the JALDI 500 lucky draw was open to only the first 500 participants, with 150 winners; while the HIGH 5 lucky draw was open for just 5 hours, with 50 winners. And that’s not all: Lucky Stars will in the near future, offer various opportunities and incentives that will definitely catch your fancy but more importantly, you will stand to gain much. If you’re not on Lucky Stars yet, take the first step and download the app at your store. Alternatively, you may visit:  Go Lucky now and all the very best!

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