Zero Purchase, Zero Risk. But High Returns Possibility. Yes, This is For Real!

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This may seem too good to be true but it’s for real. Unlike investments made in various financial instruments, where there is a principal amount invested, at an associated risk level, here everything is free and carries absolutely no risk at all. That’s the new and exciting Contest-based mobile app called Lucky Stars, through which you can stand to  ‘Win Gifts For Free’.

The Lucky Stars mobile app, launched a couple of months ago, has been designed and developed for both, the Android and iOS platforms, and can be downloaded at their respective app stores. It’s absolutely free and does not require purchase of any product or service. On downloading the app and registering, users can then participate in lucky draws held practically everyday. Participation in a lucky draw requires you to correctly answer one or more simple questions to qualify. Once the said draw is closed, a software randomly selects the winner/s.

Big Gifts For Free!

There’s nothing to lose and everything to gain with Lucky Stars. Since launch, over 144 draws have been held and over 1299 lucky winners declared. Valuable gifts have been given away including a Vespa scooter, Smart LED TVs, Digital cameras, Smart watches, Music systems, I-Phone 7 Plus, I-Pad, Amazon & Flipkart gift cards, to name just a few.

 Exciting Lucky Draws

Lucky Stars is on a roll and to date, over 70,000 have downloaded the app. The simplicity of the app and the big gifts on offer, are the main reasons, not to mention the inherent element of luck that adds to the suspense of a probable win.There are 4 standard lucky draws, based on the value of the gifts and the time for which the draw was kept open: Classic, Mega, Bumper and Super Duper.Recently, lucky draws with a twist were introduced, which received an overwhelming response in terms of participation. The exciting new draws are:

The JALDI 500, JALDI 1000, JALDI 1500 and JALDI 2000 series of Lucky Draws for the first 500, 1000, 1500 and 2000 participants respectively and The HIGH 5 Lucky Draw, which was kept open for just 5 hours.

The huge success of these draws has encouraged us to design similar innovative draws that will soon be rolled out.It’s Fun and It’s Free, so get on to Lucky Stars and have the time of your life playing the lucky draws. Because lady luck could shine on you anytime. And just in case you’re not on the app yet or have discontinued or uninstalled the app, it’s time to get on, because the future will be loaded with big goodies and features you don’t want to miss out on.

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