Brands & Promotion

The LuckyStars App is a veritable, captive medium that brands and companies can capitalize on.

A Captive Medium

LuckyStars by nature, necessitates that registered users visit the app to play each draw and answer the skill question based on the free gift on offer. This means that the branded product gift is in prime focus and gets a guaranteed view, besides creating awareness about its salient features.

The gift in question depends on the specific draw. There are basically 4 types of draws, governed by value of the gift and the duration for which the draw is open: Classic and Mega Draws are at the lower end, while the Bumper and Super Duper Draws operate the upper end. There is one draw, practically everyday.

Avenues For Brand Participation

  1. Advertising: Still frame and film
  2. Gift Sponsorship: Brands can offer their product/s as the Free Gift to be won through a draw
  3. Brand Promotional Offer: Users of LuckyStars could be offered special discounts for purchase
  4. Online Research: Brands can conduct online surveys in a specific market, with a specific target profile

These are but a few examples on how brands can use the LuckyStars medium. We’re open to looking at other innovative ideas and would be happy to discuss the same.

Brands On Board Already

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