Your chance to win branded products at
throwaway prices!
Lowest Unique Bid

where the bid that is both lowest and unique, wins

How to Play?

To participate, press ‘Go Bid’ & you will be required to pay the specified number
of Coins. You can bid any number of times until the bid is closed.

Winner of a Bid

The bidder who wins a bid, must claim it by making payment for the same
at the bid price he/she won it at, within 24 hours of the close of bid.

How to Bid?


There are basically 2 types
of Quizzes
Single Entry:

where you can participate just once

Multiple Entry:

That permits you to re-participate any number of times, as long as the quiz is open,
subject to paying the requisite coins

Some quizzes are free to participate, while others attract a participation fee through Coins. Again, there
are variations within each quiz, such as ranking on the Leaderboard based on Best Score,
Cumulative Score & Last Score and Limit on number of Participants.

Once a quiz is closed, based on the ranking on the
Leaderboard,winners are declared.

How to Participate in Quiz

For Single Entry Daily Quizzes, Press ‘Go Play’ on the contest tile, answer the question/s and
click Submit. Check the participation criteria for Free or Paid Quiz.

If the answer to the question fielded is wrong, you will be given 2 more attempts with new questions.
Only a correct answer qualifies as a successful participation.

In the other types of quizzes, Press ‘Go Play’ on the contest tile, surrender the specified
number of coins for each Set of questions and begin answering.

You can leave a quiz midway and come back to re-participate by paying the specified
number of Coins for a new Set of questions.

The more questions you answer correctly and quickly, the better is your score
on the Leaderboard and your chances of winning.

How to Play in SportsQ

The Sports Quiz will appear under
"SportsQ". Click on the tile to start playing.

Select the Prize Pool you want to join. The entry fee will be specified against each Prize Pool.

Select the Prize distribution of the Pool will be specified here. The number of entries are restricted in each Prize Pool.

Make your choices for Entry 1

The number of questions are prompted on top left.

On the final question, you will be prompted to Review your Entry.

You may edit your answers from this page.

Coin/s will be deducted only when you submit your Entry.

You can view / edit your Entries by going on "My Entries". You can make an additional Entry as well.

You can view the Prize Pools joined by you by clicking on "Pools Joined"

The winners for the Sports Quiz will be declared 1 hour after the match concludes.

Stars & Coins

Earn Stars

through various avenues such as playing a Quiz, Referrals, Watching Videos, Taking a Survey, etc.

Redeem Stars

From time to time, you can redeem the Stars Earned for Paytm Money & other freebies as offered.

Transfer Stars & Coins

You can transfer up to 50,000 Stars & upto 50 Coins per month, to any user on the app. Similarly,
you can receive up to 50,000 Stars & upto 50 Coins from any user.


Coins, like Stars, are a currency you will need, to participate in Quizzes, Bids & Fantasy Sports. You can
convert your Stars Balance into Coins, as per the conversions indicated from time to time or Purchase Coins at
the prices mentioned, in-app.

Spin & Earn

Spin & earn is a cool and easy way to Earn Stars and Coins. Watch out for this everyday,
so you don’t miss out.